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About Self Storage

Self-storage facilities have emerged due to the increasing demand for cost efficient and flexible storage solutions for both individuals and companies alike. The benefits of self-storage are numerous. Security on self-service sites is generally high with access often limited only to the renter. Individual locks are supplied and many sites hire guards to patrol the grounds. The renter is free to come and go as they please during office hours some offer 24 hour access. Many self-storage sites offer customers a variety of options to accommodate their various storage requirements. With over 10 years experience in the UK self-storage industry can help people find the best deal in the right location and help stores reach their potential customers.

Self Storage Explained

Self-storage offer a comprehensive range of services for both personal and business use. Self-storage companies will hold your items in a purpose-built warehouse storage facility, with units varying in size, and with extra services such as climate-controlled units, 24-hour access office and business suites, it is easy to find a unit to suit your requirements.

Commercial Storage

Commercial storage caters for business who wish to store their items, from business stock to files and documents, commercial storage units are designed to securely store your business belongings. Items are usually stored in a large warehouse, where items are stacked on pallets within the warehouse or space allocated within these facilities.

Containers and Shipping Containers

Whether you’re looking for a storage unit for personal or business use, container storage units are large shipping containers, offered in various sizes from 40 ft2 to 320 ft2. Container storage units are usually situated outdoors within gated compounds and yards. Units can be accessed 24/7 via pin-operated, secure locks., Benefits include being able to drive to your unit to load and unload your items.

Box Storage

Box storage is a cost-effective, flexible way to store your belongings. You generally pay per-storage box, companies will drop off as many boxes as you require, once you have packed up your belongings, you can arrange a pick-up time with the company and they will take your boxes back to their secure storage units. When you’re ready for your items to be redelivered, they will drop them back to your door!

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage takes the hassle out of storing your items. With companies coming directly to your door, leaving a storage unit with you, which you can then pack for yourself. Or, you can take advantage of their expert packing services. Once you have finished packing, companies will collect, load, store and re-deliver to you, giving you total convenience!

Removals and Storage

Moving to a new house can be difficult, which is why removal services and storage crates can be the perfect solution. Removal companies can help ensure your items are kept safely until you are ready to unpack. They will call to your home, help you pack and store your belongings in a warehouse, generally allowing access within a day’s notice.

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Who Uses Self Storage?

Many different people find self storage extremely useful, people moving home or business premises, student's going home from university for the holidays, the list is endless. Why not read some of our articles and see if any apply to you..

Home movers, business relocation, students, builders, excess and seasonal stock, exhibition stands, moving abroad.