Why Do You Need Self-Storage?

18th July 2019


In this article, we are going to discuss further why and when you will need self-storage, its history, as well as how it will improve your business and personal necessities. Shall we begin?

Self-Storage also means self-service storage. The customers of the Self-Storage service are individuals or companies that need a small warehouse, a small furniture repository or a safe and exclusive use space, that they wish to manage themselves with total freedom, and for a time that can be very short or even indefinite. The hired module is for private use and is integrated into a larger building with many other modules inside. 

The Self-Storage centres are characterised by offering facilities specially designed with ease of use on the part of customers. It is flexible in time and space, and with good quality security systems. The centres are usually located along major roads near densely populated areas, commercial zones or industrial estates. 

In Brief, Why You Need Self-Storage

For private customers, Self-Storage is a way to free space at home with total security or a solution to a specific storage needs, for example, if your home is currently renovated or you want to move.

For companies, Self-Storage offers an alternative to owning or renting expensive warehouses with long-term contracts, in addition to providing exceptional ease of access. Customers can contract their secure and private small warehouse of practically any size and for a short or long period according to their needs. They can make use of this small warehouse as often as they wish during the opening hours of the centre.

A feature of any Self-Storage centre is the high level of security measures employed. Operators rely on various systems to ensure that only customers have access to their belongings: access controls, PIN codes, magnetic cards, fingerprints, remote surveillance, closed-circuit television, etc.

When was Self Storage Invented?

Self-storage is do-it-yourself storage for both individuals and companies. It is the most flexible solution for both temporary and permanent storage. This method of storage has come from the United States, where the phenomenon originated after the Second World War however there is strong archeological evidence that the China had public units for storing personal possessions many thousands of years ago.

 Growth is also developing actively in the UK and Europe. More and more people are experiencing how easily and relatively cheaply extra (temporary) storage space can be obtained and the convenience of having your own space within a warehouse.

The concept was introduced in Europe in the mid-1980s. In most countries within Europe, Self-Storage, also known as Self Storage or do-it-yourself storage, is becoming increasingly well-known. Self-Storage offers both individuals and companies the opportunity to temporarily rent a storage space based on the customer’s storage needs. Because a customer can rent the storage space temporarily, an individual only pays when the storage space is needed and a majority of companies allow client too increase or decrease their storage requirement’s within their  warehouse type facilities.

In Australia, Self-Storage is already a mature market, on the other hand, the service appeared in Europe at the beginning of the Eighties, mainly around the big metropolitan areas (especially London). It has gradually expands geographically to all the countries of the continent, maintaining high levels of growth as a sector. It is predicted that Self-Storage will become an essential sub-sector within the real estate and services markets, as is already happening in the United States.

The sector has seen a progression in numbers of centres and standardisation of its facilities by the end of the last century and shows no signs of decline in this growth since. This growth is explained in that the knowledge on the part of the clients has been increasing due to factors like the proximity, the visibility of the centres located in the vicinities of main roads or places of high circulation among others.

Many people and companies have discovered in this service modality the solution to a need. The financial and urban communities have realised the attractiveness of investment in the sector, both for its growth in profitability capacity and increase in size.

However, the massive rise in Self-Storage or do-it-yourself storage for individuals and companies started in the 1970s. Now there are more than 35,000 Self-Storage companies in the United States with over 52,000 locations, with the largest worldwide company being Public Storage   and the industry is still growing day by day.

What You Will Find Inside Self-Storage Facility.

 They are autonomous storage facilities for individuals (home furniture, document archive, other utilities), for small business who usually has excess content or warehouse of archived records.

The rented spaces are usually called “units,” “rooms” or “lockers”. Customer can access the facilities 24 hours a day every day of the year. Storage facility operators provide controlled access to rental space zones, alarms on single doors, interior lighting units, and security cameras. In general, the goods or stored items are not insured by the self-storage operator but are stored at risk “own Independent storage companies rent a variety of sizes of units to tenants of business and local residential customers.

Self-Storage A Profitable Option for Companies

Unlike the robust traditional storage systems, container systems, and large logistics centres, self-storage has become a handy tool for companies that solve their space problems to get flexible and profitable storage spaces.

In the last ten years, this kind of services has been oriented to provide a professional solution for companies outsourcing their storage requirements allowing them the flexibility of business needs.

 All types of companies, from large multinational firms to small companies, can find the best solutions to their space problems by a flexible approach that local Self-Storage provides. The company offers users professional logistics solutions and comprehensive advice and support.

Here are some of the many benefits companies can receive when using local Self-Storage services for your business:

  Reduction of operational and logistics costs. In this case, the different sizes of the storage units allow optimising costs.

 Better use of space in offices and dependencies of the company.

Currently, self-storage operators usually offer customers a variety of value-added services that meet the real needs of users in real time. Samples of this type of services are a collection, delivery, business room, internet connection, management and custody of files, destruction of documentation and distribution of a wide variety of packaging material.

Many companies already see the possibilities (in terms of optimisation of space and resources) offered by self-storage services for equipment, documents, goods or furniture that are not used on a day-to-day basis.

Office rents are too expensive to allocate space to store the files, invoices, copies of documents, and equipment that are not used. Also, keep in mind that most small and medium entrepreneurs today manage their business from their mobile phones and cars. The resource of self-storage is an unbeatable way to reduce the high fixed rental costs of warehouses and to utilize space when the business needs it.

Other Benefits of the Self-Storage

Besides giving you a more profitable business, self-storage can also give you some other benefits you will need personally, such as:


Recently, most of the self-storage building has a computerised access system. The system protects the building and its warehouse. All modules are equipped with an alarm, which you program using your PIN code. Only you will have the key to access your module. The building is monitored with CCTV cameras with motion detectors. All those people who enter the property and walk through the corridors are filmed and recorded. It includes multi-risk insurance with the rental of the storage room.


You can access as many times as you want. Their locations are close to the city, with quick access to the major roads and essential destinations.

 Affordable Option

You pay only for the space you need. This way, companies and individual can save a lot of money. Therefore, self-storage is a good option for a small business to grow.


 Professional Packaging

Some companies even have professional material packing to make your transfers or removals in the city easy and convenient. They are generally  fire -resistant boxes of different sizes with separators for tableware, glasses and bottles, filing boxes, adhesive tape, bubble wrap, covers for sofas and beds, material filling and almost everything you could think you would need.

 Direct access with car

Most of the self-storage warehouses are located near the city. These spaces are ideal for those people companies that need to load and unload frequently, it’s like having your building! Without the high maintenance and running costs.

Store Comfortably

They typically have large unloading areas, wide aisles and large forklifts that allow you to access your space comfortably and efficiently.

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